Where do I find the list of available courses?

The official, complete list of courses for the three curricula of the Department of law is published in June every year for the next academic year. Those for 2022-23 are available here:

The Department of Law also regularly organizes shorter seminars in English by visiting professors. Although seminars are not listed in the official list of courses, students who pass the final exam earn 3 ECTS for each seminar.

For the list of courses at other Departments of the University of Ferrara, please check their respective websites.


Will I receive a notification when my classes start?

No, you will not be specifically notified: it is for you to check when your classes start and the exact schedule.


Where do I find the class schedules?

The class schedule for each Semester is published on the Department's website shortly before classes begin. Under construction


I wish to change my list of courses. May I do so?

It is possible, and sometimes necessary, to change your list of courses. However, we ask you to limit changes as much as possible, in order to avoid duplication of paperwork. Once in Ferrara, please take your time to decide whether your original learning agreement is suitable. If so, fill in your list of courses accordingly. If not, think well about your preferred alternatives before modifying the learning agreement and filling in the list of courses.


How do I enroll for courses/exams?

You formally enroll for courses by filling in a form and submitting it to the Student Office (Ufficio Carriere). More information will be provided by the Welcome Office upon arrival in Ferrara.

Enrollment for exams is organised through an e-platform; access is via your email credentials @unife. More information will be provided by the Welcome Office upon your arrival in Ferrara.

Is it mandatory to attend courses?

Attendance is usually not mandatory at the Department of Law, although it is highly recommended for incoming students. However, some courses (Legal Clinics, Italian crash courses, and others when specifically mentioned) do require active participation in class.

Please note that different study programmes may be envisaged for non-attending students.


Etiquette: How do I address Professors, Teaching and Administrative Staff at the University of Ferrara?

In Italy, as elsewhere, social interaction is less formal than it used to be, regardless of age and other factors. However, some level of formality is still required in places such as Universities, where some people (professors and other teaching staff) assess and grade others (students).

Whenever addressing a Professor or other Member of teaching staff, please use the formal “Lei” or, when writing/speaking in English, please use the formal “Professor/Doctor” +family name rather than their first name.

This also applies for the Administrative staff, especially in the first contact.


I am a foreign student and don’t know the language well. Am I entitled to a reduced study programme/an easier exam?

Professors teaching Law courses will not test your language skills. However, you will be expected to work on your materials and be able to discuss them  – in the same way as students normally enrolled at the University of Ferrara. For any doubt or difficulty, please contact your professors.


I have a problem with my landlord/co-tenant(s). Can you help me?

While we may offer occasional advice, depending on circumstances, we are not in a position to provide legal assistance.