Academic life


The schedule for your courses may be found here.

While we try our best to avoid overlaps especially for courses in English, it is not always possible to accommodate all needs. In case of any difficulties, you may discuss possible options with your professors – although adjustments tend to be difficult.


Admission to Courses and Seminars

Our courses typically don’t have a maximum number of students. You will not have difficulties in being admitted to courses. However, you may need to register in advance for some courses (Italian Language, Legal Clinics and in other cases where this is specified).

Attendance is usually not mandatory at the Department of Law, although it is highly recommended for incoming students.

Please note that some courses (Legal Clinics, Italian crash courses, and others when specifically mentioned) do require active participation in class and that different study programmes may be envisaged for non-attending students.



For regular courses (6 ECTS or more), there will be opportunities to take exams just after the end of each course, and several times thereafter. The exam calendar is published around 15 November every year. Differently, for shorter seminars by visiting professors there will be one opportunity to sit the exam at the end of the course. There is usually the possibility to sit the exam once more in case of difficulties.

Each lecturer freely chooses how to assess students. While most exams at the Department of Law are oral, written exams, presentations in class, personal research and essays or a combination of the above are also possible.

Grades are marks out of 30 (with the pass grade being 18/30 and the best grade being 30/30 with honours).


Suggestions and criticisms

Academic Coordinators are happy to receive input and suggestions on how to offer our guest students a better academic experience at the Department of Law. Academic Coordinators and the Erasmus Tutor may also help with addressing specific difficulties. However, as a general suggestion it is always best to get in touch first with the person who is directly in charge of the activity you have difficulties with; professors can always be contacted by email if it is complicated to meet them in person.

At the end of each course, and before taking the exam, you will be asked to assess the courses you have attended with an e-form in English.


Transcript of records and end-of-stay certificates

Once you have taken your exams, the grades will be automatically recorded in your transcript of records. In normal circumstances, you will receive this document from the Welcome Office, together with the end-of-stay certificate. Please note: you will need to make an appointment with the Welcome Office for this purpose just before you leave. Academic Coordinators do not issue any end-of-stay certificates.


Administrative aspects

For other administrative issues concerning your stay, please refer to the Welcome Office.