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CUS - University Sports Center

The University of Ferrara offers its students the opportunity to participate in a number of sport courses at its University Sports Centre. For further information, please click here.






Ferrara official website

Ferrara is an extremely lively city, rich in cultural events and activities. Discover Ferrara attractions and sightseeing here.






Palazzo Diamanti

With its name deriving from the peculiar shape of the over 8,500 marble blocks on its façade, Palazzo dei Diamanti is one of the most famous Renaissance buildings in the world as well as one of the most prominent attractions in Ferrara. Located two minutes’ walk from the Department of Law, Palazzo Diamanti hosts international temporary exhibitions as well as the permanent collection of the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Ferrara. Find out more here.


Calendar of events

Please click here for a calendar of the main events taking place in Ferrara throughout the year.