European Union Law and national legal systems



In the perspective of the internalisation of teaching activities pursued as primary objective by our University, the PhD in “European Union Law and national legal systems” is a high-qualified scientific school. It is formed of two curricula, both focusing on a plurality of subjects, all of which displaying a direct or indirect European relevance.

More in detail, the firs curriculum aims at training professional legal experts on the general issues related to the Europeanization of law. The PhD candidate could then focus on the issues concerning the institutional framework of European integration or concerning the constitutional problems stemming from the relationship between national, supranational and international legal systems, with special focus on fundamental rights protection; or on the multiple issues related to the European legal integration in substantial and procedural criminal matters.

In the view of training a legal professional expert on the general issues concerning the europeanisation of law, the second curriculum is intended to focus the issues related to specific EU policies, implemented by means of secondary law sources, directly applicable in the national legal system or to be transposed into national law.

The final objective of the Phd is that of training a legal expert fully aware of the complex issues related to the European integration process.