Coronavirus outbreak

As regards the recent outbreak of coronavirus in Northern Italy, the situation in Ferrara is as follows:
1. no cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed in the city so far.
2. however, many  students and employees  of the University of Ferrara commute from the Veneto Region, which is affected.
3. Therefore, and as a precaution, the Rector of the University of Ferrara decided to suspend classes and exams, close libraries and interrupt all activities that involve physical interaction with students (office hours, etc). This should help limit the risk of coronavirus spreading in the University community.
4. The administrative and academic staff is at work.
Further measures may be taken depending on how the situation develops in Ferrara and nation-wide in the next days.

The official press release of the University may be found here:
Information and advice on coronavirus is available on the websites of the World Health Organization,, and of the Italian Health Ministry,

Moreover, should you notice any symptoms of the infection please contact the toll-free number 1500.
The International Mobility Coordinators, Professors Silvia Borelli, Ciro Grandi and Serena Forlati, are available via email for further information.